Perimenopause Remedies
Perimenopause Remedies

The Benefits of Herbs As Perimenopause Remedies

Perimenopause Remedies

Menopause is a stage in a woman’s life where she is about to experience the cessation of her menstrual period. It is a natural phenomenon that happens to women starting from 40 years and above. Perimenopause is the stage 10 to 15 years before the actual menopause. Various physical as well as psychological changes happen to the body which bring forth disturbing and uncomfortable results for most women.

The symptoms experienced by women are varied, and each experience is unique. These symptoms occur because of an imbalance involving the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Such peri-menopause symptoms include: hot flashes, loss of concentration, irregular periods, insomnia, decreased hair production on legs and underarms, mood swings, night sweats, heart palpitations and migraine headaches. These symptoms affect the activities of women’s daily lives, making it imperative for them to look for remedies.

Among the popular perimenopause remedies that a lot of women are considering these days is the medicinal alternative therapies. They are consulting medical experts on the use of herbs and other natural sources. Studies reveal that there are certain herbs effective in relieving the symptoms. Experts have recognized and advocated the use of non-estrogenic herbs as herbal treatment – treatment that is purely herbal, and without synthetic ingredients. Some herbs are known to relieve depression and increase estrogen production. The benefits of using non-estrogenic herbs as drug free perimenopause remedies are as follows:

●     Relieve menopausal symptoms
●     Prevent osteoporosis
●     Improve fertility
●     Protect the heart
●     Improve sexual performance
●     Nourish the endocrine system

This type of therapy is fast becoming popular because there are no known harmful side-effects. More medical researchers are discovering other plant sources that are giving healthy benefits to the menopausal women. Aside from the herbal therapies, a necessary lifestyle change as well as an addition of vitamins, plus an exercise regimen, will most likely increase the chances of a hundred percent cure, even without resorting to drug medication. Middle-aged women are less able to absorb calcium which causes the bone to become brittle, so it is best for them to take a daily dose of Vitamin D. Limiting the intake of alcohol, sugar, dairy, meat and meat products is a must since intake of these will only result to increasing the frequency of hot flashes.

But it is highly advised that before using any drug free perimenopause remedies, you consult your medical practitioner to determine the ideal treatment and to avoid any complications that may arise.

Non-Estrogenic Herbs Used as Drug Free Perimenopause Remedies

Women in their middle age years are now into medicinal alternative therapy most especially when it concerns menopause. As everyone knows, menopause is the phase wherein females are about to experience cessation of their menarche period. Menopause is characterized by physiological and psychological symptoms that occur due to hormonal imbalances that involves progesterone and estrogen.

One of the therapies that women are looking and consulting for these days is through herbs and from other natural resources. In fact, there are certain herbs that help in relieving the varied menopausal symptoms. As experienced by mid-aged women, symptoms of menopause do affect their activities of daily living and somehow take effect in their psychological aspect.

Since a lot of research has been done and more medical experts have attested and advocated about herbs as alternative therapies for menopausal signs and symptoms, one of the recognized herbal treatment is found with non-estrogenic herbs. Non-estrogenic herbs are actually are considered as drug free perimenopause remedies, meaning, these treatments are purely herbal and without synthetic ingredients.

Non-estrogenic herbs are the same as phytoestrogenic herbs; they work the same results but without any unwanted side effects. It aims to balance the depleting levels of female hormones. The chemical compounds of these herbs stimulate the body to produce natural hormones. Although they don’t contain estrogen-like compounds as what is found in phytoestrogenic herbs, this perimenopause remedy has beneficial effects.

By stimulating the body to produce the female hormones, it nourishes the endocrine system most especially the glands that are responsible for the production of the hormones. It thereby encourages maintaining the healthy levels of female hormones. The benefits that non-estrogenic herbs as drug free perimenopause remedies are listed below:

     Relieves menopausal symptoms

     Prevents osteoporosis

     Improving fertility


     Betters sexual performance

     Healthily nourishes the endocrine system

One known non-estrogenic herb is the macafem. This plant can curb the disturbing symptoms of menopause without even producing harmful after-effects. It has been proven that macafem can improve the libido, night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings and irregular periods experienced by menopausal women.

And when you resort to drug free perimenopause remedies, women should always keep in mind that consulting the physician is of utmost importance. This is to examine the ideal treatment for you and to avoid complications that might arise.